One More Headache


Some headaches just won't go away.

Harvard faces yet another lawsuit in connection with its $110-million Medical Area power plant project--this one involving an alleged violation of a state environmental agency ruling.

The town of Brookline and the Brookline Citizens to Protect the Environment charged Harvard this week with going ahead with construction of a prohibited diesel electric generating portion of the plant. Harvard officials, however, strongly deny any violation of a January 31 injunction against construction, issued by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Quality Engineering (DEQE).

The DEQE disapproved the diesel portion of the plant, saying the diesels would emit a dangerous amount of nitrogen dioxide, but permitted Harvard to continue building the parts of the plant that produce steam and chilled water.

Although Harvard filed an appeal of that ruling in February, a coalition representing 5000 residents of the neighborhood surrounding the site of the plant charged Harvard this week with trying to delay the hearing on the appeal.

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