Baseball 14, Army 5

Baseball 6, Cornell 0 (clinched EIBL title)

Cornell 8, Baseball 6

Men's tennis 8, Army 1

Men's tennis 9, Cornell 0

Men's lacrosse 23, Dartmouth 7

Crew results: see box above


Despite the over-populated Chinese outfield. Japan handily slaughtered China 23-2 Friday in the annual East Asian Studies softball game. Leading a disciplined team, Professors Craig and Wray, aided by defectors, directed a well-planned and executed game strategy that caught the Chinamen unprepared.

Red Malony headed the tutorial staff and outfield in beers and spirit. The Japanese didn't have to rely on spirit with several Sadaharu Ohs on their team. In revenge, the Chinese, led by Professor Hofhemz pledged to "down the Rising Sun" next year.