Well, the all-star break is over, the American League choked again, and it's back to business as usual for the major-league leading Red Sox. This weekend, the Sox will attempt to demolish some Western Division teams, having kicked ass in the East for the past month. The Texas Rangers will be in town tonight, followed by the Minnesota Twins on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Sunday's game will be on Channel 38, we think, at 2. buit since the Twins, with the exception of Rod Carew, are so bad, this might be your best shot at actually getting to Fenway. The Sox split town again after this brief series, so go while the getting is good. Friday night at 7:30, Saturday and Sunday at 2. Be there.

Meanwhile, it seems that all of the Boston Lobsters, that fun-lovin', division-leadin' crew, were finally overhauled by a bevy of fanatic chefs during Wimbledon. Alas. The only escapee was Martina Navratilova, who, we are happy to re-report, caught the women's singles title over Chris "Baseline Machine" Evert. Congratulations.