Winners and Losers

Exit Nixon

Last week's Chinese-style wall posters and letter to former President Richard M. Nixon may be symptoms of a rift among the executive board of the Harvard Republican Club, club officers agreed last week.

Club vice president Kenneth G. Lucero '80 and secretary Nancy E. Achin '81 last Monday sent President Nixon a personal letter asking him not to accept the club's invitation to speak here in the spring. Lucero said yesterday the adverse publicity that followed the club's invitation "could only hurt the club."

Richard W. Berenson '80, Lucero's campaign manager, distributed posters early last week condemning "Kathy Duey (the club president) and the Gang of Four" and supporting Lucero's candidacy for president.

Both Lucero and Berenson said the posters were meant to be taken in a light-hearted vein.

But Duey said she thinks the posters "are just a manifestation of deeper division" within the club leadership. Other club members are hesitant to carry out "risky" policies because they are afraid the community may lose respect for the club, she added.

Lucero said Duey emphasizes "strictly policy" while he would like the club to sponsor movies, internships, and trips for its members and the Harvard Community.

Achin said yesterday the Executive Board will discuss technical aspects of the elections at their meeting on Sunday. She said the members will probably discuss the conflict, but added, "whether it will come up officially I don't know."