Harvard Employees Organize, Petition Against Nuclear Power

A group of Harvard employees has formed an organiza n to protest the use of nuclear power in this country, and this week initiated a petition drive to express their protest to President Carter and Gov. Edward J. King.

Dorothy M. Lewis, business manager of the Psychology and Social Relations Department, said yesterday she and some other Harvard employees formed University Citizens Against Nukes (UCAN) about two weeks ago, because unlike students and faculty, the employees are "not easy to organize on any issue."

UCAN is not affiliated with Harvard University or any anti-nuclear group.

No Thanksgiving for Pilgrim

The first priority of the organizations '30 core members is to collect signatures on a petition addressed to Carter and King condemning nuclear power, which they will present during a rally at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth. Mass., on June 3, a day of international protest.

The petition states UCAN's opposition to the use of nuclear energy and calls for:

An immediate end to construction of nuclear power plants;

A phase-out of all existing nuclear plants;

A comprehensive energy and economic program based on renewable power sources and conservation:

A national push for worldwide adoption of these policies.

"I believe that our goal of 5000 signatures is realistic considering the number of Harvard employees," Lewis said.

In addition to the petition drive UCAN has also planned a series of educational programs for the University Community about nuclear energy and its problrms. On May 16, a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility is scheduled to speak on the health hazards of radiation, and on May 23, George Wald, Higgins Professor of Biology Emeritus, will discuss the problem of nuclear power.

Wattie Taylor, planning officer for the University and an organizer of UCAN, said yesterday the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant brought wide attention to the nuclear issue, adding. "The crisis removed many people's apathy for dealing with the issue of nuclear power."

Taylor said, "We are aimed at getting people inspired."