Intramural Ethics

The four-member Intramurals Ethics Committee (IEC) will meet this weekend to draft an official statement on intramural sportsmanship.

The statement will give Floyd S. Wilson, director of intramurals, "the right to take disciplinary action" against conduct violations in intramural events, Brian P. McAndrews '80, Eliot House athletic secretary and an IEC member, said yesterday.

"This statement is just to let people know that fighting is not any more acceptable in intramurals than it is anywhere else in the University," McAndrews said.

Wilson formed the committee last month in response to several fights that occurred in intramural basketball and hockey games. The IEC originally considered drawing up a specific code of conduct, but it later decided that exact guidelines would not be necessary, Karen M. Cocoran '80, Lowell House athletic secretary and another IEC member, said yesterday.

"The statement basically will say two things," Cocoran said. "First, that there is an expected general code of sportsmanship and, second, that violators of this code will be held accountable to Wilson."