Junior Wins Election

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Michael T. Crehan '81 may not want to change the world but he solve Dedham's parking problem.

Residents of Crehan's Dedham neighborhood elected the Winthrop House Government concentrator to the Dedham Town Meeting April 12, and now he will try to alleviate a primary concern of the Boston suburb.

"People want resident-only parking here--the nearby railroad station means the streets are always clogged," Crehan says. Crehan and his precinct's other representatives to the town meeting will discuss the problem Tuesday at a precinct assembly, but Crehan says the chances for a solution are dim: "A lot of politically powerful people in the town park on our streets."

His interest in local politics and the previous election of college-age Dedham residents encouraged him to run, Crehan says. Although he was at first unsure about campaigning, when friends--especially, he adds. Suzanne '81--in Winthrop House offered to help "I decided to go for it."

Crehan said his Harvard affiliation did not affect his campaign "because most people just though of me as a kid in the neighborhood interested in politics and figured they'd give me a chance."

The self-described neo-conservative says his Town Meeting post is no stepping stone to a political career. "May be in the future I'll run for another office in any town I happen to live in, but I don't have any aspirations beyond the local level," he adds.

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