Dunn Resigns

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Charles W. Dunn, Master of Quincy House, said yesterday he will resign his post as master at the end of this academic year. He added, however, that he will continue to serve as chairman of the Celtic Languages and Literature Department.

Many Quincy House residents said yesterday they already knew of the forthcoming departure. Several students said Dunn was popular among residents because of his well-attended "happy hours" and his "presence" in the House.

"He has been Quincy House for 15 years," Willa Brown, chairman of the Quincy House Committee, said yesterday. "He is the spirit of Quincy House. He has made it relaxed and given it character. People come back six years later and say the House hasn't changed," she added.


As master of Quincy House for the past 15 years, Dunn said he witnessed the "Harvard revolution" of the 1960s. Dunn added he is giving up his position as master in part to devote more time to his academic pursuits.

"I just finished writing a book that took longer than it should have to write. I have three more that I want to do," Dunn, who will move into a house in Cambridge, said. He added that he also hopes to devise some Core Curriculum courses.

Elisabeth W. Swain, senior tutor of Quincy House, said yesterday no replacement for Dunn has been chosen yet.

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