Councilors Veto Change In Zoning

The Cambridge City Council last night turned down a package of zoning amendments proposed by the city's chief planner that might have allowed developers to build larger buildings in some areas of the city.

Although David Vickery, assistant city manager for community development, said the amendments were technical changes, a coalition of residents in the mid-Cambridge neighborhood have argued for months that they might allow developers to put in larger buildings along Mass Ave between Harvard Square and Central Square.

And their arguments carried the issue last night, as several city councilors said they supported many of the elements in the zoning package but were unable to support the entire proposal because of the "potentially dangerous" changes.

The amendment would allow smaller setback requirements for some developments in some areas of the city.

Councilors David Sullivan and David Wylie said they worried Vickery and other city planners might be placing too much emphasis on changes to benefit big developers.

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