Jacobson, Johnson Elected First Marshals of College

The Associated Harvard Alumnni yesterday announced that in a larger turnout than in recent years, seniors elected as first marshals Ingrid D. Jacobson of Quincy House for Radcliffe, and James E. Johnson of Levertt House for Harvard.

More than 800 seniors voted, about 100 more than last year, said Victor A. Koivumaki III '69, associate for classes and reunions in the Alumni Office, which ran the elections.

"I was surprised by the high turnout," added Koivumaki, "because there were fewer candidates this year, and the Undergraduate Council elections are being held at the same time."

"The elections were extremely close," said William B. Carolan '49, adviser to the Alumni Office on elections. "By the final rounds, only a handful of votes separated the leading candidates."

The other Radcliffe marshals, in order of votes won, are Frances E. Turner of Mather House, Ingrid L. Ort of Lowell House, and Elizabeth Einaudi of Leverett House.

The other Harvard marshals are Bryan E. Simmons of Adams House, F. Christopher Davis of Mather House, and Stephen J. Keeler of Lowell House.

Elected fer a life term the marshals lead the senior class committee in planning Commencement week activities and in organizing alumni events in later years.

Koivumaki said this year's election was held a month earlier than in the past at the recommendation of last year's marshals, who felt they needed more time to organize Commencement activities.

He added that while the Hare proportional voting system used in the election "helps" minority groups and organized blocs, "those elected must have a broad base of support throughout the class.

Referring to Johnson, Simmons and Turner, all of whom are Black, Koivumake said. "There has always been a strong minority presence among the marshals, even before we started using the Hare system in 1977."

"Two of the Radcliffe marshals are named Ingrid and that doesn't necessarily mean there was an 'Ingrid' bloc of voters, Koivumaki added.