Canaday's Safety Setup Criticized

Citing recent incidents involving outsiders harassing Canaday Hall residents. several freshmen have begun to complain about insufficient security around the dorm.

Though Canaday houses more than 200 freshmen, residents of the dorm said there is no blue light security phone in the entire complex.

The freshmen also complained about poor lighting outside the dorm and infrequent patrols by University Police.

A female Canaday resident said she did not see any police when an unidentified man followed her back to the dorm Wednesday night.

The freshman, who asked not to be identified, said a man approached her as she left the Science Center and that he made obscene gestures to her while following her home. She added that the light bulb above her entry door was burnt out, and that on reaching the door she had trouble opening it quickly

She said the man tried to block the door, and only left when she began to scream for help She then called the University Police, who were unable to find the man, she said.

Only tour days before, another Canaday resident was robbed in his room by an armed assailant.

"We don't see where Canaday is a problem." Jack W Morse, captain of the University Police, said yesterday. He added that the problems "could have been any where."

"We try to define where the problems are and put the patrolmen there," Morse added.

The Yard is patrolled by both police cruisers and a security guard on a walking beat.

But many students charged yesterday that Canaday invites security problems like those that have occurred during the past week

Michael A Gibson '86 said yesterday that "It's quite a ways from Canaday to the neatest security phone"

"It's pretty dark and there are lot of places for people to hide around the entryways," he added.

"The cops, when they make their rounds, never come in here," said Canaday resident Mitch H. Rosner '86, adding. "It's the school's responsibility to protect us."

Associate Dean of Freshmen W C Burriss Young '55 said yesterday that last week's Yard Bulletin advised students to use the escort service and take other safety precautions.

Terry Shaller, senior advisor for Canaday, said the Freshman Dean's Office is "talking about" installing a blue light phone at Canaday. "I would like very much to get one," he said.

Morse said the current security system is "not inert" and that Canaday may well get a blue light phone. "It's possible to put them anywhere--the system is constantly expanding," he said.

Morse explained that the installation of the security phones is not solely a police decision. "We have some input," Morse said, adding that a separate fund controlled by the dean of the College's office exists to finance the entire system.

Archie C. Epps III, dean of the College, was unavailable for comment yesterday