Head of the Charles

EVENTSTART TIME Veteran Singles  9:30 a.m. Men's Lightweight Eights  10:00 a.m. Youth Fours  10:20 a.m. Lightweight Singles  10:45 a.m. Youth Eights  11:10 a.m. Master Singles  11:30 a.m. Lightweight Fours  11:55 a.m. Club Singles  12:15 p.m. Men's Club Eights  12:45 p.m. Senior Master Singles  1:05 p.m. Women's Club and Lightweight Eights  1:30 p.m. Championship Doubles  1:50 p.m. Women's Championship Singles  2:10 p.m. Men's Championship Fours  2:35 p.m. Women's Championship Eights  2:55 p.m. Man's Championship Singles  3:15 p.m. Women's Championship Fours  3:35 p.m. Men's Championship Eights  4:00 p.m.