'Outrage' Over HRE


To the Editors of the Crimson:

We would like to thank The Crimson for Andrew C. Karp's good article in the September 28th issue, describing our situation vis a vis Harvard Real Estate (HRE). We would, however, like to point out one important fact which was missing in the article and which was the main reason for our surprise and outrage.

Lorraine Wade's letters state that HRE had made "repeated requests" for the keys to the locks we had installed to prevent it from making a capital improvement, i.e. installing new windows. (It is our understanding that the law requires tenant permission for such improvements.) Ms. Wade's statement is simply untrue. Although HRE had been aware since February and March that we had the locks, since they had to be "overcome" in order to install the windows. HRE never once requested copies of our keys until September 24 when we suddenly received letters giving us until September 28 to deliver the keys. We were also informed that if we did not provide the keys, HRE would begin eviction proceedings!

We find this precipitious behavior unjustifiable and inexplicable on the part of an organization such as HRE. Bette Davis and Elizabeth Van Ranst, 13 Ware St.