Hockey Notebook

Britz Out For Season With Injury

Cornell defenseman Terry Gage was after Harvard wing Greg Britz all game last Saturday night, committing three penalties--"two of them after the whistle, "Britz said--during his harassment of the Crimson player. Which would be fine with Britz except for one thing. Gage's final on of skullduggery broke the Crimson player's left hand, and now he's in a plaster splint and out for the rest of the season.

"I saw him charging at me," Britz said, "I turned away but I caught my hand on the glass and he crushed it, which folded it under and caused it to break. "The break, which is of the second metacarpal--the bone that connects to the middle finger--should take four weeks to heal.

New lines as a result of the Britz injury should be as follows. Greg Chalmers moving up to join Mike Watson and Tony Visone: and jay North, back from illness, returning to team with Phil Falcone and Scott Powers.

Two games tonight have very direct bearing on Harvard's playoff chances, Clarkson at St. Lawrence and Yale at Dartmouth Root for Clarkson and--this is a must--love the Big Green for one night only.