Cat Investigation

PHILADELPHIA--A University of Pennsylvania student is under investigation by the U Penn Court for allegedly murdering his roommate's cat. The Daily Pennsylvanian reported recently.

The cat owner informed the Philadelphia District Attorney's office and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of the incident in addition to university officials, and warned his roommate that he intended to press charges.

"The cat was abused one day and killed the next," said Penn Judicial Inquiry Officer Ann Hart. "It was killed because it was thrown against the wall."

But the defendant said the cat's death was an accident. He said that the feline was loitering in the dormitory hallway, and he picked it up and tossed it into the room.

He added that he immediately rushed the animal to the Veterinary Hospital after seeing its head smash against the room's side wall. "I really feel badly about the whole thing," said the student. "But I did not do it on purpose."

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