Celtics-Sixers; Here We Go Again


Wednesday night I pulled up my chair in the Union with my bag of popcorn in hand and prepared to watch the Celtics take a 2-0 lead in their series with the 76ers I was the picture of confidence, the idea of a Celtics' loss never crossed my mind.

The Lakers Celtics series will be something else Parrish-Jabbar, Nixon on Archibald, and my own personal favorite Jamaal Wilkes matched up against Larry Bird. It'll be a great series. Boston should take it five or six, though...

The first quarter passes and while the Celtics haven't taken complete control, the Sixes haven't redeemed themselves after their 121-81 drumming on Sunday Hall. Dawkins didn't even start and now that he's in, he's hobbling down the court like an arthritis with a peg leg.

Boston's got this one wrapped up. It's too bad that this series won't be as exciting last year's but I'll take these sure wins over the heart attacks I suffered last season any day. If we take the series in four straight and L.A. disposes of San Antonio in four will the finals take place before exams.

Second Quarter Erving begins to damage the Celts. Boston is spending so much time double teaming him that Toney is having a field day. Parrish already has three fouls and the officials are calling anyone who even contemplates making contact. The Celts turn the ball over 16 times this half and Philadelphia goes into the locker room with a six-point edge I head across the hall to play Donkey Kong and avoid announcer Gill Santos' inane babble.

After scoring a grand total of 300 points, I settle down in front of the tube and hope the Celts have more success than I did. They finally get hot and even up the score after only a couple of minutes Boston ends the quarter with a two point lead.

Alright just hold on for one more quarter and we've got this one wrapped up. All we need is some serious defense.

Record Setter

With only five minutes left in the game, Caldwell Jones gets hot. He hits three straight outside jumpers and there is no one in a green uniform anywhere near him. Philadelphia takes a six point lead.

What in the hell is Jones dong. His forte is defense. He's definitely going to miss the next one. This is ridiculous! Please God let him miss the next one ...

The 76ers have a nine-point lead with only a minute and a half left in the game.

The Celtics have simply fallen apart. They were overconfident and they blew it. Come to think of if they didn't look that great against Washington, Uh oh ...

After some last minute desperation three pointers don't go on, the Celtics and Sixers are tied at one game a piece with the next two games in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia's got the momentum. They'll be extra-psyched playing in front of the home team fans. Damn Ohwell the Sixers-Lakers series should be a good one, and if the Celtics lose in five I might even have time to study for my last final.