Keeping Track

A tight academic job market, rising tuition rates and looming cuts in financial aid may have scared educational analysts and put fear in the hearts of many college officials, but it didn't deter many of this year's applicants to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS).

The percentage of students who accepted admission to the school rose slightly this year--going from 50 to 51 percent. The total enrollment will increase from 418 to 421.

University officials said they were particularly pleased by an unexpectedly large number of prospective humanities students.


A casual observer strolling through the Yard on the morning after housing assignments arrive would think the Quad the last place in Cambridge to have a housing shortage.

But after housing lotteries were conducted at North and Currier Houses last week, about 60 students were left without housing assignments for next year.

Although College officials are not yet sure what will be done with the students, they may be housed in "ec-doubles," the Jordan Cooperatives, or converted lounges and storage rooms.


The Harvard Campaign approached the $195 million mark last week and is expected to pass $200 million before the end of the month. If all goes as planned, Development Office officials said they will announce a new goal of $350 million around Commencement.


Members of an informal undergraduate group that has proposed a professional race relations counseling program for students said last week that John B. Fox '59, dean of the College, was "quite receptive" to the idea and has agreed to fund research on the program over the summer.


About 150 people set aside reading period assignments and braved the rain last Monday night to rally in favor of a freeze on U.S. and Soviet nuclear arms production at a spirited demonstration at the Science Center.

The Harvard demonstration, sponsored by a coalition of nine campus groups, was one of several regional protests, including a Mothers Day rally on the Boston Common which drew about 2000 people.


A plan to provide House masters and senior tutors with immediate access to undergraduate academic records through a series of House-based video terminals has sparked concern among administrators that students' privacy could be violated.

The terminals, which the College plans to install this summer, would link the Houses with the registrar's office, allowing masters and senior tutors to retrieve academic transcripts and other information about students in their Houses.


The Faculty Council last week decided not to disavow a Harvard official's public suggestion that society discourage homosexuality and refused to investigate the official and the research center he directs.

The Council turned down a formal request from the Gay Students Association (GSA) that it criticize Edward I. Pattullo, director of the Center for Behavioral Sciences. "Mr. Pattullo's right of free speech is paramount in this matter," the council said in a prepared statement.

Last Friday Pattullo sent a letter to GSA member Michael G. Colantuono '83 stating that he had "misread" a story by Colantuono as "an invitation to open discussion of a difficult and delicate issue."


History and Literature and Social Studies may once have been refuges for students who fled monstrous departments like Government. History and English. But students who entered the "elite" departments this year had better have another reason for their choice. Ninety students chose to major in Social Studies this year and 91 selected History and Literature. The other most popular majors--Economics, Biology and Government--boasted 156, 113 and 90 students respectively.

The News in Review page appears every other week during May. FIELDS OF CONCENTRATION Compiled by the Registrar of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. (Figures are the numbers of freshmen majoring in each department in 1982, compared to last year.) 1981-82 1. Economies  156 2. Biology  113 3. Hist & Lit  91 4. Government  90 5. Soc Stud  90 6. History  89 7. Psych & SR  86 8. Biochem  66 9. English  65 10. Engin & Appl Sci  57 11. Applied Math  56 1980-81 1. Economies  170 2. Biology  113 3. Government  107 4. History  95 5. Psych & SR  90 6. Biochem  85 7. Soc Stud  81 8. Hist & Lit  69 9. English  67 10. Engin & Appl Sci  50 11. Sociology  19