Forecasting Fate for the Seniors of '83

Match these faces from the Class of '56 with the thumbnail stories of their lives and you may gain a glimpse 27 years into your own future.

Early yesterday morning in Quincy House 611, the conversation turned--as it has so many times during the past few weeks--to the Big Question facing the 1600-odd members of the Class of '83:

Where will we be next year and the rest of our lives?

Kevin, a 22-year-old California native who plans either to teach English in Switzerland or to enroll in a cooking school on the West Coast, was in the midst of keyboarding a literature paper.

Bill, who turned in nine bids to Harvard's placement office and only got one interview, was busy finishing up a take home final.

And Alex, who just turned 22 and can't figure out what's so holy about Harvard Law School, was just restless and unable to sleep.

Like many other seniors, Bill, Alex, and Kevin have been distracted lately from their reading period duties by the nagging realization that the Harvard holiday is just about over.

The real world, with its double-digit unemployment and double-digit inflation rates, beckons--at least for those who have decided to pass up the detour through graduate school.

The deadlines for internships and entry level positions in the public and private sectors are fast approaching, but Bill, Alex, and Kevin, along with many of their classmates, have yet to make even a tentative final decision.

So in the interest of calming the collective emotions of the Class of '83, the Crimson has devised a short exercise that may help convince some seniors that they have at least a muddled view of the future.

If you can match the faces on this page--from the Harvard Class of '56 25th anniversary report--with the encapsulized summaries of their lives, you can probably eventually figure out where a Harvard degree may take you.

The alumni of '56 include a cattle rancher, the chairman of Saks Fifth Avenue, a philosopher, professors, the director of the National Gallery of Art, a priest, a librarian, a lumber wholesaler, an ambassador, a television correspondent, an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency, a state senator, a pathologist, a househusband, a pilot, a salesman of women's shoes, and a mediator of environmental disputes.

Even if seniors don't accept the Class of 56's philosopher's prediction that "it is very likely that there will be nuclear war on a worldwide scale in our lifetime," there are a lot of career choices to made in the time remaining.

Maybe there are too many choices, as Thomas L. Mattson '56 noted in a message to his classmates.

"One of the problems--perhaps with formal education per se--may be that Harvard takes a student to the point where he (or she) comprehends so many possibilities that persistence in a given enterprise may come to seem narrow," Mattson suggested.

"That is perhaps preeminently the Harvard risk."


HOME ADDRESS: 5117 County Rd, 510, Ignacio, Colo, 81137 (303-884-2603).

BORN: Jan 7, 1934, Denver, Colo.

PREPARED AT: East Denver High School, Denver, Colo.

YEARS IN COLLEGE: 1952-1953, 1954-1955. AFFILIATION: Lowell. DEGREES: B. A. (Univ. of Colorado), 1957; M. A. (ibid.), 1962; PH. D. (Univ. of Michigan), 1967.

MARRIED: Margaret Milligan, Dec. 21, 1962 (Univ. of Colorado, '62). CHILDREN: Reid, 1962 Lau, 1964.

OCCUPATION: Cattle rancher: Wheat farmer.


HOME ADDRESS: 950 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 10021 (212-535-3783).

OFFICIAL ADDRESS: Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 10022 (212-940-4040).

BORN: Jan. 14, 1935, Boston, Mass.

PREPARED AT: Boston Latin School, Boston, Mass.

YEARS IN COLLEGE: 1952-1956. HOUSE AFFILIATION: Winthrop. DEGREES: A. B., cum laude, 1956; M. B. A. (Columbia Univ.), 1958.

MARRIED: Sheila Hoth, Sept. 15, 1957 (Columbia School of General Studies; New School of Social Research). CHILDREN: Steven, 1960; David, 1965.

OCCUPATION: Chairman and chief executive officer, Saks Fifth Avenue.


HOME ADDRESS: st. John's Rectory, 40 Market St., Ellenville, N. Y. 12428 (914-647-7084).

OFFICE ADDRESS: the above; also Woodbourne Correctional Facilities, Pouch 1, Woodbourne, N. Y. 12788 (914-434-7730).

BORN: March 1, 1934, New York, N. Y.

PREPARED AT: Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, N. J.; Clifton College, Bristol, England

YEARS IN COLLEGE: 1952-1956. HOUSE AFFILIATION: Eliot. DEGREES: A. B., 1956; M. DIV. (General Theological Seminary), 1959; M. ED. (Boston Coll.), 1974.

MARRIED: Margaret Paebody Cannon, 1965 (divorced, 1970); Jane Gott O'Hare, 1973. CHILD: Christopher, 1968 (deccased).

OCCUPATION: Priest at Episocal mission; supervisor of voluteer Tutoeing Program in Woodbourne Correctional Facilities, N. Y.


HOME ADDRESS: 2, Central St., Camden, Marne 04145 (207-336-8803)

OFFICE ADDRESS: Penobscot Bay Medical Center, Rockland, Maine 04843 (207-594-9511).

BORN: May 19, 1934, Boston, Mass.

YEARS IN COLLEGE: 1952-1956. HOUSE AFFILIATION: Leverett. DEGREES: A. B., 1956; M. D. (Tufts Univ.), 1960.

MARRIED: Marjorie H. Force, July 2, 1955 (Radcliffe, '56). CHILDREN: Abigail N., 1956; Stephanie T., 1958; Sumner M., 1961; Rebecca H., 1966

HARVARD DAUGHTER: Stephanie Todor Roberts, '60.

HARVARD BROTHER: Daniel Roberts, '53, M. B. A., '59.

OCCUPATION: Pathologist; laboratory director, Penobscot Bay Medical Center, Rockland. Maine.


HOME ADDRESS: 2320 33d. St., Lubbock, Texas 79411 (806-796-2482).

OFFICE ADDRESS: Philosophy Dept., Texas Tech. University, Box 4530, Lubbock, Texas 79409 (806-742-3185).

BORN: Dec. 31, 1933, New York, N. Y.

PREPARED AT: Montclair High School, Montclair, N. J.

YEARS IN COLLEGE: 1952-1956. HOUSE AFFILIATION: Adams. DEGREES: A. B., cum laude, 1956 (61), M. S. (Univ. of California at Santa Barbar), 1973; PH. D.(ibid.), 1976.

MARRIED: Joanne Blanchard, Nov. 16, 1963 (divorced, 1980). CHILD: Nathaniel Loreston. 1967.

OCCUPATION: Assistant Professor of Philosophy.


HOME ADDRESS: 3035 Dumbarton Ave., N. W., Washington, D.C. 20007 (202-338-1865).

OFFICE ADDRESS: National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C. 20565 (202-737-4215).

BORN: Oct. 4, 1934, Providence, R. I.

PREPARED AT: Groton School, Gorton, Mass.; Stowe, Buckinghamshire, England.

YEARS IN COLLEGE: 1952-1956. HOUSE AFFILIATION: Eliot. DEGREES: A. B., summa cum laude, 1956; M. B. A., 1958; M. A. (Inst. of Fine Arts, New York Univ.), 1960.

MARRIED: Constance Mellon, 1970 (divorced, 1973); Pamela Braga, Sept. 24, 1976. CHILD: JOHN CARTER, 4th, 1977.

HARVARD BROTHER/SISTER: Nicholas Brown, '53; Angela Brown Fischer, '60.

OCCUPATION: Director, National Gallery of Art.


HOME ADDRESS: 6609 31st St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 20015.

OFFICE ADDRESS: American Embassy Yaounde, c/o Dept. of State, Washington, D. C., 20520

BORN: Aug. 13, 1934, Washington, D. C.

PREPARED AT: St. Andrew's School, Middletown, Del.

YEARS IN COLLEGE: 1952-1954, 1956-1958. HOUSE AFFILIATION: Kirkland. DEGREES: A. B. cum laude, 1956 (58); A. M., 1963.

MARRIED: Nancy Jane Reinert, April 2, 1960 (Radcliffe, '58; HRPBA Cert., '59). CHILDREN: Alexander Hume, 1963; Margaret Robinson, 1965; Jonathan Theodore, 1975.

OCCUPATION: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United Republic of Cameroon and to Republic of Equatorial Guinea.


HOME ADDRESS: 7716 Martel Pl., Springheld, Va. 22152 (703-451-2982).

OFFICE ADDRESS: Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D. C. 20505.

BORN: July 9, 1934, New Bedford, Mass.

PREPARED AT: New Bedford School, New Bedford, Mass.

YEARS IN COLLEGE: 1952-1956. HOUSE AFFILIATION: Lowell. DEGREES: A. B., cum laude, 1956 M. A. (American Univ.), 1968.

MARRIED: Beverly Mosettng, May 7, 1960 (Colby Cell.), CHILDREN: Paula, 1961: Mare, 1963: Carl, 1965.

OCCUPATION: Analyser, Central Intelligence Agency.


HOUSE ADDRESS: 207 Holt Rd., Andover, Mass. 01810 (617-475-8395)

OFFICE ADDRESS: aLLEN sHOE cO., 266 River St., Haverhill, Mass. 01830 (617-373-5601).

BORN: Oct. 21, 1934, Haverhill, Mass.

PREPARED AT: Governor Dummer Academy, South Byfeild, Mass.


MARRIED: Marjorie River (Wheelock Coll., '59). CHILDREN: Amy, 1964; David, 1966.

OCCUPATION: sALES; women's dress shoes.