Money, 'Justice,' Drama Lead Pack

With an enrollment of 956 students, Social Analysts 10, "Principles of Economies" once again dominated the Harvard popularity contest.

Chemistry 20a, "Organic Chemistry," Math la, "Introduction to Calculus," and Computer Science 11, "Computers. Algorithms, and Programs" and a host of other science classes also returned to their perennial positions among the College's top 15 classes, announced yesterday by the Registrar's office.

Moral Reasoning 22, "Justice," with 570 students was a distant second in the popularity race Literature and Arts A--10a. "Shakespeare," is starting its first year in the Core as the College's third most popular course with '89 students registered in the class.

Better is Worse

Social Analysts 10 did experience a slight drop in enrollment from last year. Otto Eckstem, head professor for the course explained, "the economy is better, enrollment is down a little."

Physics la Professor Paul G Bamberg found an easy explanation for his course's large enrollment Bamberg noted his class is "almost all pre-meds" who have almost no choice but to take his class.

In a less technical area. Moral Reasoning 22 was popular because of "the inherent interest of the subject," said Michael J Sandel, professor of the course The challenge of political theory creates an "exhilarating, risky, and dangerous" course, he added.

Shakespeare Professor Marjorie Garber at tributed the added interest in her course to its