Sandwich Bar: Back to Tuesdays

Short Takes

Let's just say that instead of being surprised by bad food. I was assured of it," said Daniel C. Oakley '84 of daily sandwich bar lunches during last spring's reading period

Oakley is one of many students thankful for the quiet death of regular sandwich bar. Food Service officials decided to return to a once a week schedule of sandwich bars after many students found daily lunches of cold cuts too monotonous.

"We found from student feedback and our supervisors that students preferred to have hot entrees every now and then," said Director of Food Services Frank Weissbecker yesterday.

Daily sandwich bars were tried on an experimental basis because of the warmer weather in May. Weissbecker added.

But Justin C. Cronin '84 said he didn't know anyone who felt the convenience was worth the indigestion. "Nobody liked it. For one week it was great, but would your mommy feed you the same thing every day. Too much of anything is bad, and I'm really glad it's gone, he explained.

Some students expressed dismay over the demise of the daily sandwich bar, however

"I thought it was great There's something to be said about a sandwich, a large glass of milk, and a polished apple that puts me in the right mood to study," said Douglas A. Grant '85.