The Saturday Massacre

Coach Harry Parker's heavyweight crew squad endured a novel training program this past Saturday: The Newell (Boathouse) Triathalon. Consisting of 1) a half-hour row on a rowing machine; 2) a four-mile run; and 3) a run up and down each of the stadium's 37 rows, the triathalon claimed many oarsmen's Saturday night revelries.

Pictured clockwise from right: The "official" bib; Christopher Richards '85 agonizes over his time; Joel Podolay '86 huddles in a cozy corner; Amos Gelb '86 finds a bed of concrete; and Joe Murphy '85 relaxes at the top of Row 37, the finish line, Said Coach Parker, who also competed in the event (and lost to half the squad), "It was good exercise," Said Murphy, "It was fun."