Registration Will Be Easy This Spring

Harvard undergraduates accustomed to unraveling a gnarl of red tape at registration will find their sojourn in Memorial Hall considerably shorter today thanks to a revised policy by the registrar's office.

Instead of filling out a series of cards and forms, most students registering for spring term will only have to pick up their registration packets. Jay A. Halfond, Assistant Registrar for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences said yesterday.

This new system is an experimental effort to streamline the registration process, Halfond said. "We believe we know enough about where students' parents live," Halfond said, adding that it was "redundant" for students to fill out registration forms more than once a year. Students who do not provide registration information at the begining of the fall term because they were taking leaves of absence will have to complete them in Memorial Hall today, Halfond said.

In addition, those whose packets have been red-dotted--marked for specil attention because previous term-bills are delinquent--will have to meet with a registration staffer today in Mem Hall to make sure that they will be officially enrolled for the spring semester.

The number of registrants will be computed by counting the number of packets which are picked up, and Harvard will still levy a penalty fee for late registration, Halfond said.

Registration closes in Memorial Hall today