More on the Klein Decision


A copy of this letter was sent to The Crimson. Dear Dean Rosovsky:

I am writing in response to the Government Department's decision not to renew Professor Ethel Klein. It both saddens and angers me to know that this faculty who has provided so much to the Harvard community has not been given the recognition she so rightly deserves. As someone who has both taken classes with Professor Klien and worked with her throughout my graduate education, I speak not only of her renowned teaching abilities but also of her scholarly contribution to the field. In her serious attention to women's studies, in her fine teaching talents and in her open enthusiastic human approach, Professor Klein has provided one of the precious few role models for graduate and undergraduate students at Harvard. It is therefore disheartening for me--as a scholar as a prospective university professor and as a woman--to confront this blatant disregard of academic talent in the politics of the Harvard community. Rebecca Klatch   Teaching Fellow