Some ROTC Classes May Get Credit

Harvard may sign an agreement granting students credit for a few Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) classes at MIT.

The Faculty Council, the Faculty's elected steering committee, discussed the proposed contract for an hour yesterday, but came to no conclusions.

Harvard students are already permitted to take these two or three classes for credit, because they are pre-screened and co-offered by MIT.

But the Council was apparently wary that the signing of a formal agreement might breech the 1976 Faculty legislation that allowed Harvard students to take only non-credit ROTC classes.

In 1969, under pressure from students, the Faculty voted to ban ROTC from the Harvard campus.

Last winter, however, the Faculty voted to pay MIT for the overhead costs incurred by Harvard ROTC student raising questions of Harvard's commitment to the 1969 actions.

At the same time, the Faculty Council voted to table action on a letter from Navy ROTC, which, under new internal regulations, has been attempting to secure for-credit contracts with every school whose students are enrolled in ROTC.

The current discussion apparently centers on that letter.