Jordan Co-op May Have to Fold

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One or more of the three Jordan Co-ops on Walkar St. near the Radcliffe Quadrangle may fold next year if they do not get the necessary number of applicants, College housing officers said this week.

Unless 39 students apply by the March 1 deadline, one of the three houses will have to cease operation in its present form, where the 16 residents do their own cooking and other house chores. As of yesterday, Housing Officer Lisa M. Colvin said she had received applications or promises of renewal from 18 students, 21 short of the needed number.

If the quota is not met, housing officials have informally discussed the idea of using the space to lodge overflow students from the more crowded residential Houses, as has been done in the past.

Dean of the College John B. Fox Jr. '59 and Associate Dean of the College Martha C. Gefter will explore that possibility at the March 11 meeting of the student-faculty Committee on House Life.

Colvin also said two of the three co-ops could fold if 24 students do not apply to live there next year, which means 6 more need to submit their requests before Friday.

"We've been reluctant to set the Jordan aside for co-op space if no one wants to live there, but on the other hand we've worked very hard to allow them to remain as co-ops," said Thomas A. Dingman '67, assistant dean of the College for the House System.