No, It's Still Not Too Late

A Sampling of Jobs You Can Still Apply for

It's March and everyone you know is getting geared up for one of those jobs that looks great on the old resume:

The guy across the hall has an internship on the hill with his congressman.

Your roommate has a job in the emergency room at the hospital back home.

Worst of all, the woman next door said that all the deadlines for summer jobs were a month ago.

And you? You've been so busy with your classes that you can't seem to find time to make it over to the career services office and find yourself a job. Better not waste your time now--the woman across the hall was right All the internships on the hill are gone.

But don't be alarmed. The following is a far-from-complete list summer opportunities whose deadlines haven't passed you up, but we hope it'll be of some help.

Yellowstone National Park

Hamilton Stores of West Yellowstone, Montana is looking for students 19 or older to work in convenience stores located in the park. You must work a minimum of 75 days.

Contact: Hamilton Stores, Inc.

Personnel Department

Box 250

West Yellowstone, Mont. Pay: $3.35/hr.

Outdoor Woodworking

Walpole Woodworkers of Walpole, Mass is looking for people to work outdoors building fences and outdoor furniture. Previous woodworking experience is helpful but not necessary.

Contact: Walpole Woodworkers

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