Ibis Checks Out Harvard

Harvard Rolls Out Red Carpet For Prospective Freshman

Accepted to Harvard and three other prestigious New England colleges, IBIS L. THRESKIORNIS '89 of Duluth, Minn., took a swing through Cambridge last week to see if this place could ruffle his feathers. Harvard, of course, was happy to show him a good time.

Clockwise from top right, young Ibis--whose parents are Harvard alums--checks out North House's advanced alternative to attending lectures; thanks Dean of Students ARCHIE'C. EPPS III for the personal tour of Harvard Yard which the top College official was pleased to offer; samples the roast beef and potatoes at Cabot House; receives the "Blessing for Prospective Students and Other Waywards" from Plummer Professor of Christian Morals PETER J. GOMES, minister in Memorial Church; and catches up on campus news with Cambridge's only break-fast-table daily. Threskiornis, who plans to major in pharmacology, has until May 1 to let Harvard know his intentions.