He's Quadded--But He's Glad

His job is taking care of 6500 college students, so Dean of the College L. Fred Jewett '57 decided to find out how they live.

The long-time Quincy House resident recently moved to North House's Faculty Row apartments to check out what life is like for the one-quarter of Harvard undergraduates who live at the Radcliffe Quad.

"Living at the Quad is a good chance to see Harvard from that perspective," said Jewett. He said he plans to eat often in North House, especially dinner. "I want to be as helpful and involved as I can in house activities," Jewett said.

North House Master J. Woodland Hastings said he hopes the arrival of Jewett will "help to erase the River/Quad myth/problem. It can't hurt."

"I think the dean will give the Quad more visibility and won't let it be left out," Hastings continued. "I definitely think students will choose Quad houses more."

Agreed Co-Master Hanna Hastings: "He kind of puts us on the map."

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