Bagels Bring Bucks to House Grills

Your typewriter keys are Still clicking and it's going on midnight. Your stomach is growling. You want food, but a Boston blizzard rages outside.

The solution?

Visit your friendly house grill--not only can you enjoy a cheesesteak in the privacy of your own house, but you can socialize at the same time.

Eight houses presently offer the convenience of a grill on weeknights. Managers of these student-run operations realize the importance of their businesses to the student stomach.

Prices at the grills typically run from $.50 for a bagel to $2.75 for a cheesesteak. Most are open Sunday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Currier House

Located at the center of the house in the dining hall's kitchen, "The Holy Grill" is the main gathering place in Currier, grill manager Gregory S. Musselman '87 says.

Surrounded by a pool table, ping pong table, and television, the grill serves about 100 customers a night, according to Musselman. In addition to the traditional fare of hamburgers, fries, ice cream and bagels, Currier's menu includes nachos, fried egg "Grillwiches" and homemade pizza.

After the House Committee elects the managers from petitions submitted in the spring, the managers purchase the franchise from the previous year's owners. All profits go back to Currier House. "The Holy Grill" employs 12 to 15 work-study students at $5 per hour, Musselman says.

"We bought it for $1000 last spring, and we have just started to break even," says Musselman, adding that he views the 10 to 20 hours a week that the devotes to the grill as a service to the house rather than a business.

Most Currier residents pass by the grill a couple of times a night, Musselman says. "Without it there would be little opportunity to see other people."

Dunster House

Superior management is what sets the Dunster House grill apart from the rest, says Theodore H. Kim '85-86, one of the grill's four managers. "Dunster doesn't have a lot of people or a lot of facilities, so we really work to make the most of what we have," he says.

Though they are not allowed to keep any profits, the Dunster grill managers are paid $5 an hour--the staff of 20 to 24 people is paid $5 to $6 an hour, depending on the take that night, Kim says. After saving about $200 for next year's management, the remaining funds will be used to buy food and equipment for the grill. The rest of the money will be returned to the House Committee as a gift.

Crippled by poor ventilation, the Dunster "grill" does not serve any grilled items, relying on items ranging from pepperoni pizza to milkshakes.