Talking Head Visits Coop To Sign Newest Record

More than a thousand fans waited up to two hours yesterday at the Harvard Coop for a chance to meet cultural icon and Talking Heads' lead singer David Byrne.

Wearing a grey jacket complete with his trademark shoulder pads, Byrne signed books, records, and other paraphernalia for an hour and a half to promote his new book, "True Stories," which was adapted from a motion picture of the same name.

Fans who had hoped to talk with the rock star were disappointed; Byrne had few words for the throng who had waited to see him and didn't take books and albums directly from the fans.

Instead, an assistant walked along a line of fans that stretched from the Coop door around the corner onto Church St., gathered the books and albums and returned them after the rock star signed them.

The movie version of Byrne's book, "True Stories," features music by The Talking Heads and opens in Boston tonight.

During the afternoon, fans at the Coop purchased about 1500 "True Stories" soundtracks and books and posters of Byrne, Coop spokesman Dan DeLellis said. The items ranged in price from $4 to $17, DeLellis said.

Most of the fans interviewed said that they thought the actual signing went too quickly but said that it was worth the wait.

"They were in a hurry. It wasn't that exciting, but it was good," said Hans Mateo-Siova '88.

And for some, Byrne's mere presence was enough. "I feel so special," said 16-year-old Cambridge resident William Maxwell. "I've been waiting for this guy for so long. I've followed him since I was five."