Technology Product Center Returns to Harvard Square

Students will no longer have to trek across the river to decide which computer to buy because Harvard's discount computer showroom has moved back to the Square, after three months of renovations.

The showroom of the Harvard Technology Product Center (TPC) will return to 65 Rear Mt. Auburn permanently, following a summer-long sojourn at 175 North Harvard St. near the Stadium. Repairs to the building's interior created space for a new conference center for group information sessions, and enlarged the showroom area.

Changes to the TPC showroom and operations will "make it easier [for students] to get information and figure out what they want," said Amy K. Lozano, marketing information coordinator.

Starting today, the TPC will offer lunch-hour group information sessions designed to serve both personal and departmental buyers, Lozano said.

These sessions will focus on IBM, Apple Macintosh, and Hewlett-Packard computers for personal computer shoppers. For faculty and staff interested in computers for theiroffices, the TPC will have regularly scheduledpresentations by computer vendors onword-processing, desktop publishing, andcommunications, Lozano said.

But acquiring the actual machines will be atrek, since the warehouse still lies across theriver on Harvard St. Although members of theHarvard community can try out various computersand place their orders at the newly-renovatedshowroom, the machines will be distributed at thewarehouse

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