Students to Tailgate in the Snow and Indoors

It's 11 a.m. the morning of The Game.

Do you know where your tailgate is?

If it's not covered in snow, it's probably laden with beer and hamburgers.

All Harvard-Yale celebrants willing to brave the weather will be able to sample a variety of tailgate parties before The Game.

The Harvard Undergraduate Council's social committee will barbeque burgers and hot dogs starting at 11:30 a.m. at the closed end of the football stadium behind the baseball field stands.

Between 60 and 150 students in each participating house and 500 freshmen have signed up to participate in the council tailgate, said the social committee's chairman, Michael L. Goldenberg '88. Food Services plans to provide the council's tailgate with food for 1500 students.

However, the social committee wants to attract more than 1500 students. "Let's just say we hope to run out of food," Goldenberg said, adding that social committee members and other council members will staff the event.

House Parties

Although council members said that everyone is welcome at their party, several houses--including Kirkland and Cabot--have organized their own tailgates.

Kirkland will be hosting students from its Yale affiliate, Calhoun College, for the weekend. In exchange for $5, Calhoun students receive weekend housing and food, including a Kirkland-Calhoun tailgate before The Game, and free passes to a Kirkland House party Saturday night.

Harvard Food Services is also catering the Kirkland-Calhoun tailgate, which will take place behind Bright Hockey Center. The Kirkland House committee has provided two kegs.

"Last year Calhoun hosted us, so this year we'll be providing plenty of food and drink. It's gonna be freezing out, so we have to numb ourselves," said K-House tailgate organizer Jane M. Grimm '88.

Attendance at many tailgate parties may be rather thin. Many students said the cold weather will keep them indoors for pre-game entertainment.

"None of my friends are having tailgates primarily because of the snow. Most people will probably be getting together for drinks in their rooms," said Brian C. Offutt '87, who served as chairman of the council last year.

Snow is Fun to Play in

"Snow is fun to play in but it's not good tailgate weather," the Leverett House resident said.

Winthrop resident Gordon K. Ararkawa '87 agreed. "We're probably going to drink inside with a keg in our room because it's going to be so cold. Someone even told me they might watch The Game on TV in their room because of the weather," Arakawa said.

But freezing temperatures aren't enough to cool the enthusiasm of some tailgaters.

Christopher W. Moore '89 said that he and his family and friends would brave the weather for their tailgate fun. "We'll be serving some sandwiches and chips, getting into the festive spirit and drinking a little also," Moore said. "We're still in the developmental stages, but we'll see what happens come Saturday morning."

Private Parties

Quite a few undergraduate organizations, including several varsity teams, have planned private tailgates for their members.

The Crimson Key Society plans to erect its telltale red and white tent next to the Undergraduate Council tailgate near the closed end of the stadium. The Key tailgate will be open to Crimson Key members and guests only. "It's a good way for us to get together and celebrate," said Co-President Anne D. Berlin '87.

The lacrosse team has also planned a tailgate. "It's a good excuse for a party," said laxman Bill P. Pennoyer '88. The lacrosse team will be serving the same Food Services hamburgers and hot dogs near the Palmer Dixon Courts, along with a few kegs. "A few juniors on the team traditionally organize the tailgate," said Pennoyer.

"Some friends of mine on the women's ice hockey team told me about their tailgate, and the same with the men's water polo team. As a matter of fact, I just stocked up for my own tailgate," said Eliot House resident Harry J. Hjardemaal '89. "Just in case everyone else isn't wasted, I'll be wasted for them."