Hot Racquetwomen Ease By Chilly Big Green, 9-0

It was cold outside and inside.

The Crimson totally outplayed its opponent, recording a 9-0 shut-out.

No, it wasn't an abbreviated version of the Harvard-RPI match-up. Harvard's women's squash team boosted its record to 6-1 with Saturday's tromping of Dartmouth in Hanover, N.H.

"The courts are very different," Harvard's Co-Captain Marty Winnick said. "They are older and colder."

But neither age nor temperature would affect the Crimson's performance, as the Big Green soon learned.

Diana Edge, Harvard's number one player, quickly and easily defeated Dartmouth's entry in three straight matches.

While the squad battled the Big Green in Hanover, the Crimson's Co-Captain--and number two player--Ingrid Boyum remained in Cambridge battling the flu. Her absence moved the remaining eight racquetwomen up one spot.

This should have made the Crimson-Big Green match more challenging, for the hosts.

And for a while it did.

Winnick, normally number three, took on Dartmouth's number two player. She quickly fell behind, 2-0, but battled back with three straight games to steal the match, 3-2.

Things soon returned to normal as Lucy Miller, playing in the number three spot, easily dispatched of her Dartmouth counterpart, 3-1.

With the exception of number seven Fern Ward (who triumphed, 3-1), the rest of the racquetwomen blanked their opponents, 3-0.

The Crimson's junior varsity team came along for the ride on Saturday, and left the Big Green wishing it had remained in Cambridge. The JV squad squashed Dartmouth, 7-0, giving the racquetwomen a perfect performance weekend.

"The match was better than we expected," Winnick said. "We didn't win as easily as the score implies, and surely not as easily as at the Howe Cup."

This Tuesday's match hosted by Yale will give the racquetwomen the opportunity to avenge their only loss of the season.