The Crimson is pleased to announce the following elections:

To the News Board: Julian C. Baker '88 of Winthrop House and Chicago, Ill.; Phyllida A. Burlingame '88 of Adams House and Katonah, N.Y.; Adam J. Epstein '88 of Quincy House and Orinda, Calif.; Casey J. Lartigue of Dudley House and Houston, Tex.; Michael J. Lartigue of Dudley House and Houston, Tex.; David M. Lazarus '89 of Pennypacker Hall and Broomall, Pa.; Benjamin R. Miller '89 of Thayer Hall and Baltimore, Md.; Mary E. Sarotte '88 of Mather House of Morristown, N.J.; Gregory R. Schwartz '89 of Canaday Hall and New York, N.Y.; Alan Z. Segal '89 of Canaday Hall and Vestal, N.Y.; Sophia A. Van Wingerden '89 of Lionel Hall and Rapid City, S.D.; John C. Yoo '89 of Weld Hall and Gladwyne, Pa.

To the Editorial Board: Marc J. Blitz '89 of Wigglesworth Hall and Ridgewood, N.J.; James E. Canning '88 of Leverett House and Salisbury, Conn.; Deborah E. Copaken '88 of Adams House and Potomac, Md.; Joseph K. Choo '89 of Weld Hall and Lexington; Miles F. Ehrlich '87 of Quincy House and Sacramento, Calif.; Nathan W. Eigerman '88 of Dudley House and Brooklyn, N.Y.; David Greene '89 of Hurlbut Hall and Spring Valley, N.Y.; Josh H. Henkin '87 of Quincy House and New York, N.Y.; Jennifer M. O'Connor of Eliot House and Wellesley; David Patent '88 Cabot House and Missoula, Mont.; Ellen R. Pinchuk '88 of Mather House and Tarzana, Calif.; Peter D. Sagal '87 of Quincy House and Berkeley Heights, N.J.; Don W. Sung '89 of Thayer Hall and San Francisco, Calif.; John P. Thompson '89 of Pennypacker Hall and Madison, Wisc.; Nathaniel S. Trumbull '89 of Holworthy Hall and Woods Hole.

To the Photography Board: Lisa W. Clark '89 of Stoughton Hall and Belmont; David K. Eldan '89 of Wigglesworth and Culver City, Calif.; Frederick J. Nager '89 of Holworthy Hall and Tai-Pei, Taiwan; Hector I. Osorio '89 of Weld Hall and Queens, N.Y.; Robert G. Popham '88 of Lowell House and Ellicott City, Md.; Andrea L. Roberts '88 of Winthrop House and Newton; Adam Ruderman '87 of Dudley House and New York, N.Y.; J. Carter Vincent '89 of Wigglesworth Hall and Newton.

To the Business Board: Leslie A. Benedict '89 of Canaday Hall and Carpenteria, Calif.; Willa F.H. Berghuis '88 of Eliot House and Toronto, Canada; Eric M. Candell '88 of Winthrop House and Jericho, N.Y.; Ellen S. Twyne '88 of Lowell House and Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.