Crimson in Triumph

The Game and The Crown

PLAYING on a frozen tundra in the middle of the noted arctic wasteland of New Haven, the Harvard football team this Saturday turned in a performance which did its university proud. Battling the evil Eli for the 104th time, with the Ivy title on the line for only the fourth, the Crimson warriors came away with a 14-10 victory. Led by junior halfback Tony Hinz, who scored both Harvard touchdowns, and a fearsome defensive front seven, the Crimson--picked by most pre-season pundits to finish near the bottom of the Ancient Eight--captured its first Ivy crown since 1983 and its first outright title since 1975.

On the heels of revelations that Columbia has lowered its admissions standards to bolster its sagging gridiron team, and allegations that Penn did the same during its five-year stranglehold on the Ivy title, it is refreshing that a school whose admissions standards have never been impuned captured the Ivy title.