Spectator Paradise

You're young, you're rich and you're bored. You haven't come to Harvard to study and learn. You've come to have fun. So why is everyone in the library?

You've seen all the movies. You've eaten enough ice cream to make you sick. You want to do something, but you've done it all.

You sure?

Have you been to Belmont? Have you laid down a cool $100 on the fifth race?

Have you been to Fenway? Have you seen Wade Boggs slash a double down the left-field line? More important, have you devoured a Fenway Frank?

Have you been to the Garden? Have you seen Larry Bird hit a three-pointer? Or Ray Borque operate the Bruin power-play?

Boston is the intellectual capital of the world only in its spare time. The rest of the year, Beantown is the sports capital of the world. Or, at least, of the East.

Name a sport, any sport, and you'll find it in the area. Baseball at Fenway. Basketball and hockey at the Boston Garden. Football in Foxborough. Even horse racing in Belmont.

If you've got the time, Boston's got the sports.

Baseball: Your favorite American League teams pass through Boston at least once a year to battle the Red Sox. Because the baseball season is so long, you can catch a game at the beginning and the end of each school year. Take your roommates, or go alone. Fenway's only a handful of T stops away.

Bill "Whoops" Buckner, Dave Henderson (of dramatic homerun fame), and Kangeroo Court judge Don Baylor were all recently traded to make way for the youth movement at Fenway, but this is pretty much the same bunch of guys who came within one strike from winning a World Series last year.

See Wade Boggs, the perpetual American League batting titlist. See Dwight Evans, the underrated right fielder cum first baseman who is turning in an MVP-type season. See Roger Clemens, the strikeout master.

Or, buy an obstructed view seat, see nothing and eat Fenway Franks all day. Either way, it will be an enjoyable time at the ballpark. Tickets start as low as $4 for bleacher seats.

Directions: Red Line to Park Street; Green Line to Kenmore Square.

Basketball: Larry Bird. You've seen him on TV. But if you wait much longer, you may never see him in person. Bird, one of the best players of the modern era, is thinking of retiring soon.

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