Joy in Beantown


THE outlook wasn't brilliant for Dewitt that autumn day;

The Sox had lost in four to those prepotent Oakland A's.

With Hurst gone for the winter, and the Gator out of sight,

Dewitt was forced to find a way to spend the lonesome night.

"I need a chick," Dewitt thought. "And I mean right now--today!

Or else (to quote Lamarck), I soon may atrophy away."

This thought so disturbed Dewitt, he soon devised a scheme,

A sure-fire, fail-safe means to land the woman of his dream.

"After all, I live in Boston, the babe capital of the East,

And so," Dewitt did reason, "I at least deserve a piece."

Dewitt thus bathed and preened himself, until his hair was neat;

No noisome scent would keep him from the ladies he would meet.

Dewitt set off to Copley Place to scan its high-priced stores

For a companion who, when pressed, would moan "Encore, encore!"

But sad to say Dewitt did not to his mission stick,