Council Nixes Amendment

The Undergraduate Council voted down the following constitutional and bylaws amendments last night. The amendments will go before the student body in a binding referendum to be held after the first of the year.

Amendment to the council constitution

"The executive officers shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer. The president shall be elected by the undergraduates. The remaining executive officers shall be elected by and from the council at the first meeting of each semester..."

Amendment to the council bylaws

"The council shall be organized within two weeks after each election at the call of the executive board. Each standing committee shall be organized within the next two weeks at the call of the board. The first order of business at the organizational meeting shall be the election of a vice-presiding officer, a recording..."

"The presiding officer shall be elected by the students of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges. Any student who has served on the council shall be eligible, providing they collect signatures from 100 undergraduates. Elections for presiding officer shall be held concurrently with the election of the representatives. If no candidate receives a simple majority, a run-off election shall be held between the two leading candidates.

Term of the presiding officer shall be one year. The council may call for a new election for presiding officer by a two-thirds vote of the council. Funds for election of presiding officer shall be disbursed by the treasurer. The executive board shall set reasonable limits for this funding. The council shall hold debate (s) between the candidates. A space shall be left on the ballot for write-in votes..."