Give Beys a Chance


Michael P. Beys has been chair of the Council for just over one week and the staff has written a harsh editorial condemning his political practices. The only accusation directly related to Beys is the $10,000 loss on last spring's De La Soul concert. The rest of the editorial lashes out at the Council in general, only making cursory references to Beys.

This is unfair, Ballot fraud and illegal voting are serious issues that should be addressed, but they simply are not related to Beys. The staff's legitimate disagreement with Beys' "old ideas of high-profile, high-risk, disaster-prone concerts and social events" does not give the staff a reason to dump all over the Council and the new chair, linking him to corruption that he is not even involved in. The staff should wait to see how the new chair and the Council perform this semester rather than using this election as a chance to take cheap shots against the Council.