Provost in Hell

Reporter's Notebook

School of Public Health Dean Harvey V. Fineberg '67 says that medical schools are notorious among university administrators as money-sucking black holes. In an interview with The Crimson recently, he related the following story, which he said is the creation of Provost Jerry R. Green.

A provost dies and goes to Hell, where the Devil informs him that he will be named president of a university. The provost is excited, but then wonders: What kind of a university could Hell possibly have to offer?

Sensing the provost's concern, the Devil takes him on a tour. The provost is bewildered, for the university seems ideal. The grounds are beautiful and well-maintained, the students are smart and eager, the professors are brilliant and productive.

The provost turns to the Devil in amazement. "I thought this was Hell," he says. "Why are you making me president of such a great university?"

"Because," replies the Devil, with a knowing smile, "it's got two medical schools."