Crystal Pieces Stolen

Five crystal pieces valued at a total of five thousand dollars were stolen from Radcliffe's Bunting Institute between September 23 and October 16, according to the Harvard University police blotter.

The stolen pieces came from a set of engraved clear Waterford crystals, which were on display at the Institute.

"They put [the display] out September 23 and when they took it down on October 16 they discovered they were missing several pieces," said Lt. John F. Rooney of the Harvard Police.

Although the investigation is ongoing, Rooney said there are "very, very few leads."

No specific time frame or suspects have been linked with the theft. The police plan to interview more people at the Institute, according to Rooney.

"We'll have to see if we can get more information on it and depending on how unique it is we might be able to enter it in the NCIC (National Crime Information Computer)," Rooney said.

Descriptions of readily identifiable and unique stolen property are usually entered in the NCIC which can be accessed nationwide to help identify those pieces.

Barbara Broughel, the artist whose work was stolen, refused to comment yesterday.