Bulletin Distribution Limited to On-line

If you are first-year student, now is the time to figure out how to use your electronic mail account.

The weekly Yard Bulletin--a life-line for first-years full of important announcements and deadlines--will no longer be dropped at students' doors.

So the easiest way to get the bulletin, according to Dean of Freshmen Elizabeth S. Nathans, is over the Harvard computer network.

Nathans said the change was made in an effort to reduce the cost of paper and photocopying and to lessen the number of trees Harvard uses in paper production.

And since paper copies will still be available in the Freshman Dean's Office and the Union, as well as on proctor bulletin boards, Nathans said the measure is not coercive.

"We are not forcing students to have [a computer] account," Nathans said. "For the vast majority of students using computers, this is a good step to take."

Some students, however, said the move was not fair to those who can't easily access the computer network.

"I hate it," said Rachel S. Averbuck '97. "I want it back on paper."