Thesis Found on 'T' in 'With Honors' Deja Vu

Elizabeth E. Theran '94 will recover her lost senior thesis today, ending an episode vaguely reminiscent of the plot of the new movie, "With Honors."

Theran, who hasn't seen the film, says a woman she didn't know called her last week and left a message on her answering machine. The message reported that Theran's senior thesis in classics--a study of violence and bloodshed in fifth-century BCE Athenian vase painting--had turned up on the MBTA.

"On Thursday, I got this weird message on the machine from a woman saying she found my thesis on the subway," said Theran, who lives in Mather House.

In "With Honors," a recent release directed by Alek Keshishian '86, a homeless man finds a Harvard senior's lost thesis and forces the student to provide him with one favor for each page he returns.

Thesis Reader Lost Copy

The difference in Theran's case is that one of her thesis readers, not Theran herself. lost the copy.

"According to the [classics] head tutor, the grader had already read it," she said. "So what he was doing on the T witch it is beyond me."

The woman who found the thesis said in her phone message that she had tuned it over to the Harvard Information Center in Holyoke Center. But when Theran checked, it wasn't there.

Theran said the University Marshal's office called late Friday to say it had recovered the copy of her thesis.

She plans to pick it up there today.