First-Year Tumbles From Carpenter Roof

While climbing down from stargazing on the roof of Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts early Saturday morning. Georgia S. Young '99 slipped and fell from the building's second level.

Young partially fractured her right arm and sustained other minor injuries. She was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital and released Saturday night.

Although she hit her head during the incident, her most serious injury was to her arm.

"I feel really, really, bruised," Young said yesterday.

She and a sophomore friend had been "talking on the roof, star-gazing" before the incident occurred.

To get to the roof of the Carpenter Center, which is between the Freshman Union and the Fogg Museum on Prescott St., Young and her companion climbed the outdoor stairs located on the building's Prescott St. side.

The staircase leads to a locked door while they scaled to reach the roof.

Young said she slipped and fell while descending the way she came up.

Immediately after her fall, Cambridge and Harvard police and Cambridge fire fighters and rescue squad members arrived.

Young said that the medics thought she was more seriously injured than she really was.

When they arrived, they placed her in a body cast for fear she had suffered spinal injuries. Luckily, her injuries were minor.

"It was pretty embarrassing." Young said yesterday, laughing nervously. "I'm really clutzy."

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