Student Attacked Outside Mather

A Mather House senior was physically assaulted at about 1:30 a.m. last Friday by a group of five men behind the Mather House tower on Flagg Street, who confronted him and his girlfriend, demanding money.

When James L. Tierney '96 did not comply, he was punched in the face, he said yesterday.

In response, Tierney grabbed one of the men by the throat, and hit him in the face, according to members of the Harvard University Police Department.

The alleged attackers then began to beat Tierney repeatedly, police said.

During the attack, one of the assailants pulled out a knife, which was later recovered by the Cambridge Police Department in the bushes, Harvard University police said yesterday.

In response to the attack, Mather House Masters Sandra R. Nadaff '75 and Leigh G. Hafrey '73 and Allston Burr Senior Tutor Mary K. Peckham issued a letter to house residents urg- ing them to be cautious and saying they had requested additional security in the area.

Nadaff, said she is "very glad that [Tierney] is okay," adding that the Harvard Police have been requested to provide "greater security patrol in general" around Mather House.

During Friday's assault, Tierney's friend, a Mather resident, managed to escape after giving one of the group members a dollar, and ran to an emergency phone to contact the police.

Before the could finish her call, the police had already arrived, in response to a previous telephone call from an unidentified eyewitness who had seen the attack from inside Mather House.

According to Harvard Police reports, all available units were immediately dispatched to Flagg Street, and a search was initiated. Several arrests were made, but names were not released in the report.

The Cambridge Police Department was also notified of the incident.

Tierney, in addition to the cut over his right eye, sustained seven to ten bruises all over his face and head. At Mount Auburn Hospital, Tierney received six stitches and underwent a head X-ray.

He was then moved to the Stillman Infirmary, where he was monitored for concussions and released Friday afternoon.

Peckham, who was informed of the incident by the Harvard Police, saw Tierney at Mount Auburn Hospital. She later spoke with Tierney Friday evening. "He was alright," Peckham said.

Several Mather residents expressed concern for Tierney, and regret that the beating could occur so close to home.

Jon E. Kossow '96 said, "It really sucks...[that this happened], there are always a bunch of punks hanging around and drinking 40's right outside the basketball courts...I wouldn't walk there at night."

According to Tierney, the man who first allegedly assaulted him is presently awaiting a bail hearing, and is charged with armed robbery as well as assault and battery. The alleged assailant who pulled a knife is also under arrest

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