Prom II

for the moment

WHEN MY DATE asked me to the Freshman Formal, a wave of dread pierced right through me. Even the fact that he was a good friend didn't prevent horrible prom memories from resurfacing--big hair, tight dresses, overdone makeup, cheesy decorations, awful music. However, the UC Freshman Caucus managed to surprise the class of '98 last Friday night.

Decorated with blue balloons and gold moons and stars, the ballroom in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel struck me as grand and elegant, that is until I saw the frightening big hair, tight dresses, and overdone makeup. Luckily, these were only minor reminders of high school which I soon forgot, but a first-from Wigglesworth went as far to say, "Girls looked stupid and slutty."

As for the music, it was better than one would have expected. Daniel A. Horwitz '98 comments, "I actually think the DJ did a pretty decent job. Usually, it's all bad, but he played some terrible stuff, some good stuff, some slow stuff, and some fast stuff.' Old dance favorites like "I Will Survive" and "YMCA" drew enthusiastic crowd response, and couples held each other close during mushy songs like "Lady in Red," "Unforgettable," and "Unchained Melody."

If of dancing, lovey-dovey pairs could gaze into each other's eyes at their convenience on the upper deck overlooking the sea of gyrating bodies. I found this situation a bit sickening. No, scratch that bit part. The abundance of pawing and slobber really made me want to puke.

And what a shame puking would have been. Scrumptious hors d'oeuvres beckoned spiffed-up students taking a break from the dance floor. The delectable mini pecan pies were definitely not Union fare, and the little egg roll things were rather cute. Kevin B. Acklin '98 was so taken by the ambrosial morsels that he could only mumble between mouthfuls, "Good food. Good food." At least, I think that's what he said.

After the last song had been played, the final bottle of Poland Spring water drunk, hordes of sweaty tuxedoes and sore high-heeled feet stampeded to the trolleys heading back to Lamont. The mad rush resulted in massive compression of cummerbunds and corsages and even forced literal break-ups between couples. Courtney L. Lee '98 was the last one to get on her trolley and lost her date in the frenzy. "I didn't mean to leave him behind, but there was all this pushing and shoving. The next thing I knew I was on the trolley, and he wasn't" Lee explains. "I felt a little better, though, when I met this guy on the trolley who had been separated from his date, too."

Excluding the cattle-like trolley ordeal, the Freshman Formal was great and satisfied most attendees. "I was impressed. I'm surprised the UC managed to do anything of this sort," Shawn T. Samuel '98 admits. The UC man behind it all, Gregory M. Heestand '98, remarked during the Formal, "I'm really pleased with how it's going. We have a very good turnout. Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves, and that's what we wanted to provide."

Mission accomplished, Mr. Heestand. The Prom, er, I mean Formal, was tons of fun.