A Lost Dream, A Lost Song

"I really wanted to go to Harvard," mourns Duritz. "I lived in Watertown [Massachusetts] when I was a little kid, and I wanted to go to Harvard really well in high school, and went off to Connecticut to go to boarding school specifically for the purpose of going on to Harvard." Duritz says, however, that he blew his chances while in boarding school. "I ended up at Berkeley," he continues, "which was fine too, because later on I wanted to be at Berkeley. But at the time, when I was a kid, that [going to Harvard] was like what I dreamed about."

"August and Everything After" is not just the name of an album and a bunch of lyrics without music. Duritz says that there actually is music written for the words that appear on the cover of the band's first album. It was originally recorded as a demo on a two track in his basement. "My dad probably has it now," says Duritz. The song was actually supposed to appear on Recovering the Satellites as a ghost track, showing up unannounced at the end of the album. The album turned out to be too long, however, and so "August and Everything After" was pulled. Asked if the song would ever appear on record shelves, Duritz responds that he is not sure. The song is legendary among fans, and he is not sure if people will think it is actually that good once they hear it.