Quiz of the Weekend: The Wilson Era

1. An advertisement for which of the following filled three quarters of a page in The Crimson on October 28, 1919?

A. Wrigley's spearmint gum

B. Murad, The Turkish Cigarette

C. Goldman Sachs

D. Grandfather clocks from the Harvard Coop

2. In early February of 1920, the price of one issue of The Crimson increased. What was the price change?

A. From 4 cents to 6 cents.

B. From 5 cents to 10 cents.

C. From 10 cents to 25 cents.

D. From 30 cents to 50 cents.

3. Which of the following did not occur at Harvard in 1919?

A. The total number of students at the graduate schools reached record numbers.

B. The college stopped serving meat to students for a period of three months.

C. Belgium's King Albert and Queen Elizabeth visited the University.

D. Harvard defeated Yale in football with a score of 10-3.