The Tomassoni Bunch

* Brother pairs pop up all over the Harvard roster

Two McCarthys. Two Moores. One team.

It's going to be a confusing season.

Harvard hockey fans will be seeing double not once but this winter, as the men's varsity team boasts two brother combinations on its 1997-1998 roster.

Captain Jeremiah McCarthy will be joined on the ice by his freshman brother Liam.

Additionally, Steve Moore, also a freshman, joins sophomore brother Mark on the team.

Amazingly, this phenomenon is by no means foreign to college-level hockey, as Harvard is one of many schools that counts sets of brothers among its players.

The four teammates were introduced to skating at a young age and began playing hockey at the age of four or five years. They continued to play for both school and league teams through adolescence and high school years.

For Mark and Steve, skating for the same team is familiar territory. Excepting a brief span in which they separated, the two have skated together on several different teams, including their high school squad.

The brothers also played together for one year in the Canadian Juniors.

Jeremiah and Liam, however, are entering a new epoch in their respective hockey careers. This season marks the first time that the brothers will take the ice together to skate for the same team.

"We are three years apart, and so we never got to play together except during the summers with pick-up games," Liam said. "It should be exciting to finally be on a team with him at the same time."

For Jeremiah, team captain and four-year varsity skater, being able to share his final Crimson season with his brother is icing on the cake.

"It's amazing--it's really special to me," Jeremiah said. "When we took the ice at Midnight Madness it was probably the happiest moment of my life."

Indeed, the brothers all agree that playing together for the Crimson is something they eagerly anticipate.

"I like playing with my brother on the ice because he is a good player," Steve said. "And I like having him around because we know each other well. We push each other when we aren't playing to our abilities, and when he plays well, it gives me the encouragement to play well too."