Carnesale on List to Head UCLA

The UCLA Daily Bruin reported yesterday that University Provost Albert Carnesale is on a short list of four candidates to succeed University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Chancellor Charles Young, citing "sources close to the search process and documents obtained," by the paper.

The chancellor oversees all nine of the schools that make up UCLA.

In addition to Carnesale, the Bruin listed Stanford Provost Condolezza Rice, University of Florida President John Lombardi and UCLA Law School Dean Susan Prager as the other finalists. The Bruin article did not name a front-runner.

Carnesale declined to comment on the report yesterday.

University spokesperson Alex Huppe said it would be "unwise" to comment on the report, calling it "speculation."

Rice's office said the provost has no interest in leaving Stanford.

The University of California (UC) had no comment on the report.

Late last week, the Sacramento Bee published a short list of six candidates which did not include Carnesale, but did name Rice and Prager. The article cited anonymous sources.

According to the Bruin article, "a source close to the search" said most UCLA faculty are supporting Prager.

University of California president Richard Atkinson is responsible for recommending a candidate to the UC Board of Regents. His office has not released a list of candidates.